No Need to Fear: CDA Amnesty Renewal is Here!

Often, not meeting a deadline is a bad thing. As in: “Oops, I missed out on that opportunity” bad.  Has anyone ever been pulled over for an expired car tag? Had a coupon not scan because you didn’t read the use by date? (I’m not even going to ask about expiration dates in your refrigerator!) 

Early Childhood Educators with a Child Development Associate Credential have deadlines too. One is CDA renewal after three years of award date and every five years after that.  Throw that in on top of all of your cutoff dates and things can easily slip your mind.

Fortunately, the Council for Professional Recognition realizes this too!

If you have earned or renewed a CDA in the last 10 years (January 2002 or later), even if it has expired, you are eligible to renew it through the Renewal Amnesty Program.  The program runs from now through December 31, 2012.

(Go ahead: smile and breathe your sigh of relief here. We’ll wait!)

Childcare Resources’ training opportunities are a valuable, cost-friendly way to receive the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) necessary for CDA renewal. We also offer CDA specific classes and individual consultations.

So, whether you are looking to brush the dust from your expired CDA, or you are interested in learning more about the CDA process, visit our website to learn more about this and other exciting opportunities in early childhood education. (Now, go ahead and click through before you forget!)