10 Days Before Fairy Tale Ball: Cinderella’s Wish

Poor Cinderella! Her evil stepmother is taking her two stepsisters to the Fairy Tale Ball, but she’s being forced to tend to the house.

Good thing she has a Fairy Godmother; she arrived just in time to cheer Cinderella up by telling her wish to attend the Ball would be granted!

So Cinderella keeps her chin up, scrubbing the floors and hanging the laundry out to dry…

Childcare Resources’ staff members are busy too! It takes a lot of work to get ready for the Ball, especially when they still spending the work weeks providing services to Central Alabama’s young children and families.

Consider, if you will, our mission as our “wish” from the Fairy Godmother: “to make quality care and education of children happen by providing information, education, and assistance to families, providers of child care, and the community.”

We believe our children and families are providing for our future. It is our vision to help them along.

So, what’s your wish? 10 days before Fairy Tale Ball, I’m hoping one of them is to assist in meeting our goal by attending the Ball—tickets sales benefit our work!

Let’s start a “Wishing Well” in the comments: What do you wish for young children and families?

(Getting excited about the ball? Listen to the story of Cinderella online too!)

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