Fe Fi Fo Fum–I smell lots and lots of fun (and great food too)!

We’re down to just one “work week” until Fairy Tale Ball!

Jack has been quite busy indeed. He traded his cow, Milky White, for some magic beans that grew an enormous beanstalk!  Being very hungry, he climbed it to the very top (thank goodness for those cross fit classes, huh?).

He discovered a grand house in a forest, where a giant’s wife was preparing extravagant feasts for children.

Jack soon discovered that the feasts were served for the sole purpose of fattening up the children for the Giant’s next meal! Just as the Giant was about to eat a room full of well-fed children, Jack defeated him. While he is proud of saving the lives of so many children, poor Jack sure does miss the giant’s wife’s cooking!

Not to worry though: Jack will be at the Ball, where award winning chef Michael Rigot will be serving delectable delights (both savory and sweet).

One of my favorite things about Fairy Tale Ball (aside from seeing all the smiles of joy and amazement as children meet the characters) are the interactive areas. From Captain Hook’s pirate ship to Cinderella’s carriage and everything in between (don’t miss Willie Wonka’s Candy Bar), there’s plenty of entertainment for the little ones.

Don’t miss out on meeting Jack and seeing the amazing beanstalk in person too!


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