Help Quality Child Care Go Viral

Truth: you spend more time than you will admit to “playing” on Facebook. (I admit it too–though part of it is my job...)

It’s okay; here at Childcare Resources we want you to be active on Facebook (sometimes). Why? Research shows that more and more people are using Facebook as a search engine and as a reference for local services.

This means our visibility is increased every time you engage with us via social media–either by liking a post, commenting on a picture, sharing a status, or retweeting a Tweet (just to name a few).

Why is this important, you ask? Easy: we are a nonprofit organization. Our sustainability depends on how well we serve the public.

The more people who NEED access to our services, the more likely we are to receive funding to provide our services! (In case you didn’t know, nonprofit proposals are an extensive process that requires us to establish need, provide results, and compile client data.)

So, again, why are we posting this? WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Childcare Resources wants to increase our Facebook visibility so more people know about us, use our services, and increase the likelihood of enhancing our services to the Central Alabama population!

Your mission: Help us reach 500 (or more!!) Facebook “Likes”!

Your incentive: this fabulous prize–a one night’s stay at the new Hyatt Regency Birmingham – The Wynfrey Hotel in Riverchase Galleria and a free carousel birthday party for up to 10 guests.


Follow the steps in the link below to enter to WIN this awesome prize! (Please note: according to our Terms and Conditions, prize is only eligible to residents of the state of Alabama. Furthermore, prize is only available for onsite pick up. Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional information.)

Thanks in advance for helping us to better serve Central Alabama’s early childhood community! Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway!


6 thoughts on “Help Quality Child Care Go Viral

  1. The best place to get help and education for children. Childcare Resources. I have never met a better group to care so much. If you have not taken a look at they resources do so NOW!

  2. I frequently refer families from my pediatric practice to CCR’s website when they are looking for childcare.

  3. As a pediatrician, I have sent patients here to get help with day care placements and recommendations. I was encourage families to check out what they can do for you.

  4. I love CCR it has great resources for everybody.. if you haven’t taken a class or training or just went for general info ..Try it today..EXCELLENT Resources

  5. Childcare Resource can give you great information on children and requirements for a daycare.

  6. Child Care Resources rocks!! Always just a phone call away with practically any information you need!

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