Services for the Community

quality of care in their infant and toddler classrooms.Services for the Community:

  • Meeting the demand for child care: Childcare Resources recruits, trains, and provides technical assistance to child care providers so that parents have access to quality care and are able to be successful in the workplace. We also offer referral services to match child care needs with available resources. Through these referrals, we educate families about their options for quality child care relative to cost, location and enhancement services. Providing families with tools to help them identify indicators for quality child care is an essential component of our referral services.
  • Education: Childcare Resources provides employers and the community information surrounding quality child care issues through the Status of Child Care Report, which is published periodically and provides data on early care and education in Blount, Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties.
  • Public Awareness: Childcare Resources educates parents and providers so they can serve as advocates for child care issues and support quality care locally, statewide and nationally. We encourage families, providers and their community to educate their legislators on issues important for young children. Since children cannot vote, we must be their voice.
  • The Resource: Agency newsletter for the community published each fall, winter, spring and summer.

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