Do Something.

Remember those annoying camp songs you sang every year, particularly the ones that repeated themselves with the ending, “Same song, different verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse?”

Welcome to the state of America’s children.

As this article clearly states, our future isn’t looking any better than it was a few years ago (no, we don’t need shades for this one).  The number of children living below the poverty line is increasing; families are having an even harder time raising tomorrow’s leaders.

How can we expect great things to happen here when parents spend 30% of their income on child care alone? Child care which, for the most part, isn’t even exceptional, isn’t really preparing our children for the task of starting school.

We live in a society where people will stand in line for hours just to be among the first to buy the newest smart phone, yet we won’t stand up for providing the best early care and education for our children.

We should all adhere to Frederick Douglass’s insight: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

How long will it take us to realize that we are only hurting ourselves? We don’t need to focus so much on amending the problem as we do in preventing it.

Here’s my challenge to you: do one thing this month for our children. For five minutes, get off your social network, put down your smart phone, press “pause” on your DVR. Take a few minutes to take the first step in creating a better economic future for Alabama. Here are some suggestions: {links to all will be given}

There is no better time than now: what are you waiting for?

Strong Start for Children: Why Early Childhood Education Matters

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Change the first five years and you can change everything. 

In the works is a groundbreaking plan for young children. And for our future.

Childcare Resources is proud to take part in the “Strong Start for Children Campaign” with Child Care Aware of America

The proposed 2014 budget calls for remarkable new investments for early learning, as well as those who teach children.

What could change, you ask?

  • increased funding to expand Pre-K programs, which would lead to more jobs
  • increased standards for Pre-K programs, leading to
    • better educated teachers receiving more high-quality training as well as higher salaries and better benefits;
    • and lower child-staff ratios and smaller classes
  • more accessibility to services for children with special needs, thereby increasing their chances of succeeding in life while decreasing their vulnerability to child abuse
  • more voluntary home-visiting programs, which could lead to increased school readiness in children, stronger families, and a decrease in child abuse

Specifically, the proposed budget would benefit YOU and our service area. Childcare Resources has the potential to provide more supplemental child care assistance funding, as well as more high quality teacher training and technical assistance services.

We believe that the first five years of learning set the foundation for the future of each child’s life. Why is this important? Children are the future of our great country.

 They are our leaders, our teachers, our doctors and researchers. They are the ones who will determine our care in our latter years.

 Before us stands the possibility of doing a great deal of good, not only for our community now, but for our nation as a whole.

In fact, the recently introduced Senate bill S.1086, “The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2013,” a bill to reauthorize the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) for the first time in over 17 years, is already setting the way for higher standards.  Under it, child care providers receiving federal funds would have to

  • Receive health and safety training in specific areas
  • Receive comprehensive background checks (including fingerprints, checks of the sex offender and child abuse registries)
  • Receive on-site monitoring

Forgive us for asking, but do you see anything negative about this?

Today, June 5, 2013, is the Early Learning Day of Action.

We urge you to show your support for young children in the United States. Stand up for children, TODAY! Loudly and proudly!


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A Few of our Junior Board members standing strong for children!